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  • Creation: General Constitutive Assembly meeting in Paris April 30, 2003.
  • Status: Public Interest Group (GIP).
  • Objectives: The Public Interest Group France Veterinaire International (GIP FVI) aims to federate, promote and coordinate the French veterinary expertise at international level.
  • Instances:
    • General Assembly composed of representatives of all 17 members of the group;
    • Board of Directors composed of six representatives elected by the general assembly.
  • President:  Jacques GODFRAIN, former Minister of Cooperation, Administrator to the Board of the National Veterinary School of Toulouse. Elected by the Board from among its members for a period of three years with possible renewal. He chairs the General Assembly.
  • Director: Olivier FAUGERE, DVM, Inspector General of the Veterinary Public Health. Appointed by the Board of Directors, on proposal of the Minister of Agriculture, for a period of three years from 1 January 2011. Under the authority of the Board of Directors and the President, he operates the group, executes the budget, coordinates and manages the activities.



FVI has 16 members:

  • French Association for Managers and executives of public Veterinary Laboratory (ADILVA)
  • French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES)
  • Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders (AVSF)
  • French Agronomic Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD)
  • French Private Group for International Veterinary Cooperation (CVPFI)
  • National Veterinary Schools (4 Schools), including the National School of Veterinary Services (ENSV)
  • National Institute for Training of technical staff of the Ministry of Agriculture (INFOMA)
  • Union of Industry of Veterinary Drugs and Reagents (SIMV)
  • Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs: Directorate General of Globalization and Partnerships (MAEE - DGM)
  • Ministry in charge of Agriculture (MAAF):
    • General Council of Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas (CGAAER)
    • Directorate General for Training and Research (DGER)
    • General Directorate of Agricultural Policy, Agribusiness and Territories (DGPAAT)
    • Directorate General of Food (DGAL / French Veterinary Services)


The values ​​of conduct of FVI towards its members are solidarity, sharing expertise and transparency of operations.



The network of correspondents (RESCO) is formed with a correspondent formally designated by each member of the GIP. This network meets six times a year.

They officiate as " relays " for the flow of information within the group , as the " network heads " for identification of experts and resource persons, and the implementation of actions by FVI partner structures concerned.

The name of FVI’s correspondents appears in the "Members Presentation " section.