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FVI aims to coordinate the French offer for veterinary training and technical cooperation in the following main areas:

  • Control of animal diseases and epidemiological surveillance;
  • food safety, control plans and surveillance;
  • animal welfare;
  • animal identification and traceability;
  • controls of veterinary medicines;
  • animal feed;
  • management of animal by-products;
  • border control;
  • laboratory diagnosis;
  • veterinary training and research;
  • support for veterinary administrations;
  • organization of the veterinary profession;

and, generally, audit and evaluation on good veterinary governance.


The role assigned to FVI is part of the general guidelines of the international cooperation policy of France and as part of the French health promotion model hinged on a dynamic partnership forged between public and private sectors.


More specifically, FVI main missions are:

  • promote, participate, or ensure the implementation of veterinary expertise abroad;
  • promote abroad the initial and vocational trainings offered by each member;
  • ensure the necessary expertise to develop training abroad or in the creation of specific training modules tailored to the foreign request or for its members, particularly in the field of production and animal health in hot climates;
  • help finding internships abroad for students of French veterinary schools, and foster accommodation in France of students, teachers and trainees;
  • maintain a scientific watch on applications and tenders relating to the supply of veterinary expertise and trainings, and make it available to members;
  • facilitate the preparation of responses to international tenders in the veterinary field and participate in the preparation of files for submission;
  • contribute to international scientific and technical partnerships, particularly within the frame of emergences in veterinary public health;
  • develop all actions and all tools for exploitation of knowledge and contribute to studies and research related to its activities.

Promotion of French veterinary expertise at the meeting of Veterinary Technical Groups (11-13 May 2011 - Nantes):