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The GIP ‘s training activity in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine in warm regions of the is provided by the branch of Montpellier, coordinated by Cécile Squarzoni-Diaw:

• long-term education (1 academic year) leading to one of the four masters, conducted in partnership with various organizations:

o "Animal Husbandry in the Mediterranean and the tropics" (PARC) / Montpellier SupAgro
o " Animal Husbandry in the South: Environment and Development" (EPSED) / University of Montpellier 2


• "Animal Health and Epidemio-surveillance in Tropical Regions" (SAEPS) / University of Montpellier 2 and ENVT
• "Epidemiological Surveillance of Animal and Human Diseases" / Universities Paris 11 and 12 and ENVA

• training of medium duration (4-5 months) leading to a Certificate of Higher Studies (CES) in Animal Epidemiology in partnership with the ENV Alfort;
• short courses (modules 1 to 5 weeks) in conjunction with the previous course;
• and several e-learning modules in French and English.

The entire offer is presented on the site http://www.cirad.fr/ur/formation_elevage

Click here to download the booklet.

The international training engineering is coordinated by Manuelle MILLER (headquarters Marcy-Etoile).

Some examples in training engineering:

• participation in the Program'' Better Training for Safer Food "(BTSF) in Europe and Africa (European Commission)
• Twinning with the Interstate School of Veterinary Sciences and Medicine in Dakar, Senegal (EISMV);
• partnership with the National Office for Food Safety (ONSSA) and the Agricultural and Veterinary Institute (IAV) - Morocco;
• Accommodation and supervision of foreign trainees wishing to follow an internship in one of FVI ‘s member structure and / or a training course at the National School of Veterinary Services (ENSV).

Introductory course in international missions:

Organized for staffs of all FVI’s members, this training concerns each year between 20 and 25 people and aims at raising awareness and preparing for specific international cooperation missions of short or medium term.


Training catalogues proposed by FVI members

Training catalogues proposed by external partners

If you do not find in these catalogues the training that entirely meets your needs, please contact: contact@fvi-atf.org


Please Note: for consistency and priority, FVI does not handle individual requests, but only the requests made by institutional entities and for which funding is provided